Pia Kressin

It is a day that changed not only my life, but my Career forever. I will never forget my little boy,
who was five at the time, looking at the TV, and watching the planes going into the Twin Towers, frozen in place, turn around and say, ” Mommy who’s flying your planes into buildings”? Wow, those words will never leave me. My life changed in a instant. My wonderful Career, the one I loved so much, was gone forever. My son now cried when I left for work, worried that some bad men were going to fly Mommies plane into a building. Flights were on high alert not matter what. Customer Service, was no more, it was now opening bins, bathrooms, etc to check if someone tampered with the aircraft. Every time I boarded my plane, I would look at everyone, to see if somebody looked out of place. Life as we knew it was gone forever.

My thoughts and prayers to all that suffered that horrible day…