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Tina Lege- Ballentine US Airways 25 year flight attendant

I will never forget that day. I had just returned from California on that Saturday with my mother whose sister had passed away….just days before this tragedy….On that morning we were having coffee and talking and a neighbor called the house wanting to know if I had gotten home yet from California……She then told me to turn on the news and the whole thing just unfolded before… Read more →

June Alexander

I remember all the lives lost that day and will continue to think of you not only on that day, but every day. Read more →

Edward Sanford UA FA , SFO

We will always be inspired and feel honored when we reflect on the courage, integrity and determination of all crew members on that terrible day. God bless them each and every one. Read more →

Karen Lemire

To put faces to the names of those brave souls was so sad for me. As a Flight Attendant I wondered who was lost on that horrible day. Thank you for this beautiful tribute and i pray for their families. Karen Lemire Canada remembers. Read more →

Deonna Williams

Our friends, colleagues and their families will forever be remembered in our minds and hearts. AA F/A D. Williams Read more →

Cathy Martin

Just found this site and read the bio\’s on each and everyone of these heroes. While I am practicing with my church choir for a 10 year remembrance service the evening of Sept. 11th I will keep in mind these wonderful, accomplished Americans that we can all be soooo proud of. God Bless the families as this was for each and everyone of them an… Read more →


My son was a Marine in President Bush’s helicopter security detail on Marine One. When the planes hit the world trade tower, he called to tell me that he loved me but wouldn’t be able to talk to me for awhile and hung up. What I remember on that day is the horrible fear of a mother for a child in harm’s way and the… Read more →

Kim Lapalme`

Please excuse my typo on my previous e mail. I will never forget Sept 11th 2001. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every aircrew member and all other helpless victims who perished at the hands of the unmerciful terrorists. Lest we forget. Read more →