James Jennings

I remember this day and will forever. I was working on the US Embassy / Consulate hotline in Germany where i currently still live as a United States Citizen. I remember taking calls and just finished with a conversation. Co-workers were reading the internet, they looked at me stoned face, shocked and started apologizing to me as to what was taking place in the USA. I had no idea what they were saying or what was going on. Working closely with the Embassies and Consulates, you know of any chances or new information instantly. Not this day. I first looked at CNN, Yahoo and a few others. I was in shock, hurt, almost cried, wonder who i knew in New York, wondered if it was going to happen in Southern California where I’m from. Then i got pissed as i read farther information. I had all the support from my co-workers and bosses. I was asked if i needed to go home and take care of things. I told them no, my job was to stay here and i knew shortly we would be getting new info and instructions. Within minutes, no it was seconds US Counselors flooded us with tons of paperwork and info for customers. I, We as a team educated ourselves quickly and prepared. Then the phone lines literally blew up non stop for hours and throughout the weeks to come. My mind raced with many emotional thoughts each and everyday. My new awareness is my sword against evil and my heart cries out to my home. The United States of America.

James in Germany