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Don Kimball

I was one of the UAL crewmembers who brought the B767 that was taken the morning of 9/11 (UAL175) into Boston the evening of 9/10. We narrowly escaped by hours being murdered by Islamic terrorists. Our purser missed going back on the trip by just minutes because he was not legal for it. I’ll never forget him arguing with the crew desk that he would waive the… Read more →

Tammie Andersen

September 11th changed all of us forever. We will never forget all of the lives lost on that day and pray that nothing like this happens again……anywhere……. Read more →

Patty McAnally

Our cherished first responders and our last line of defense………….our flying partners……….. the crews that communicated with the ground, gave details, that spared others with the same fate………….excellent, heroic pioneers of this new era of terrorism God Bless …………….we will never forget……………. Read more →

Loli Z. Banker

..lost many friends on both the United & American flights on I was working for United Airlines @ the time..& I’ve NEVER been to so many funerals & memorial services in such a short time in my life…No…we will never forget that terrible day we lost you all….Rest In Peace to ALL who perished on that dreadful day…..a very hard day for ALL of us… Read more →

Tia Kuhl

The sorrow we feel will forever linger in our hearts, you are missed, you are loved. May God comfort family and friends that so loved you. We will never forget. Read more →

Jeffrey Heisey

On this day and every day, remembering those we lost and all those who loved them. We must never forget. We remember. Read more →

Leslie Parsons Cary

I will forever remember, as I boarded an airplane that morning headed for San Diego, soon to cancel due to major terrorist activity in NY, PA, and DC….. Read more →

Anne Toombs

Although none of these brave angels were from my particular airline, as I look at their faces, their smiles, the light i their eyes, I feel that common bond that flight attendants and pilots have with each other. We share a place in space and time that is unique and we know, first hand, with a lump in our throats and pain in our… Read more →

Lorena Birt

For the past 10 years I wish I did not have to think of what happen on 9/11. The images are still vivid in my head and the pain is something greater than time. I pray to God that he has you close to him, wearing the same wings you wore here on earth. I know you are the angels that keeps us… Read more →


May all of you RIP and NEVER be forgotten, being a flight attendant for a Major Airline all of you heroes made us be more aware who boards our planes. You will never be forgotten!! Read more →